1. how are you guys. i am a Korean.
    i send you this mail in Korea.
    i have a questions. i am interesting in crossfit.

    i would like to get a Lvl 1 CrossFit Trainer
    i want to give a chance to learn that crossfit for korean.
    could you give a imformation to me ? how to get that license.
    if do i train with you i can get that??

  2. Hi,

    i am interested in joining crossfit as i need to keep fit over the footy off season. as i have no idea what it really consists of i had a few questions:

    is there a trainer on hand to take you through the daily classes?

    is this a good type of training for a rugby player?

    would it be possible to come in and have a chat about joining up?


    1. Hey Robbie,

      Yes it is a fantastic way to not only keep fit but potentially improve your fitness above any other off season training program.

      We always have qualified fitness instructors and crossfit coaches who take the session and ensure safety and efficacy of movement. We also encourage people to be and do their best.

      Please come and see us and get the tour and we will set you up for success.


  3. Hi Im interested in starting crossfit to help me with my athletics and was wondering if you offer classes in the morning at like 6am? and if so how much does it cost to just do crossfit about 2 sometimes 3 times per week??


    1. Hi Cat,

      Our morning sessions are at 615 and run for 45 minutes. These are a high intensity cardio and endurance circuits that vary daily. Great for improving vo2, muscular strength and endurance. Casual sessions are $15 or we have ten visit passes from $135 otherwise if you are doing three sessions or more then it is better value for you to pay $36 online for a week which gets you five sessions a week. We also offer monthly unlimited access for as little as $140.


  4. Hi, a friend and I are really interested in joining but have small children. Is there a crèche facility that we can use whilst training?

    1. Hi Bernadete,
      Currently we do not have that facility, however we are able to provide a space for the kids to play, sit watch DVD’s etc and you can come in and get a great workout at the same time. If we get more people with young children the we will definitely get someone along to assist with this. Please feel free to call us or drop in and see our facility.

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